Maw Sucks

mediohxcore 855

This is the deck Josh01, TheBigBoy, and I piloted to top 16 at Worlds 2017.

It's pretty much RegAss. Does quite well against most of the field but is somewhat weaker than shaper vs CI. Film Critic gives it a much better Jinteki matchup, however.

Remember playing Whizzard for all of 2016? It's pretty much like that, so you don't even need to learn new things.

8 Nov 2017 cursor

Not even one of the other anarch consoles was worth a slot?

8 Nov 2017 Orbital Tangent

Nope. You don't need anything any of them do. Not even MU. It's better to just put more good cards in.

9 Nov 2017 evilgaz

I'd have been happier if I'd seen this list in advance! Good to see you again, if not get knocked out by you (again).

Also, where's my playmat? ;)

11 Nov 2017 scd

Maw is a Card

11 Nov 2017 Popeye09

@Orbital TangentYou mightn't need it, but is every card in this deck preferable to the two-credit utility of Turntable?

14 Nov 2017 kevo31415

@Popeye09 Yes.