Haruko's Fooly (6-1 at Worlds 2018)

tmoiynmwg 6198

Decided to play this Palana deck for worlds because I knew I didn't have enough practice with Mti or CtM. Luckily it felt really strong!

Thanks to @yeoda for reminding me to add Crisium. Sorry to @sirris for not having enough time to sell you on the deck :-(

Gameplan: Try to rush a Nisei MK II or House of Knives early and use it to make Obokata a nightmare to steal. Randomly flatline people with Komainu. Never lose to Patchwork MaxX because your ID rezzes 15 credits worth of super annoying ice as they inevitably run out of cards.

Card notes:

  • Snare: Palana helps pay for this potent threat. I actually think Snare is the most fun card in Netrunner, so I'm very happy I got to play 3 in my final worlds deck!
  • Daruma: good defensive upgrade in tandem with Snare, or maybe it lets you sneak through a Rashida instead.
  • Navi Mumbai City Grid: this card has so much value against D4v1d, Datasucker, and SMC.
  • Celebrity Gift: I never needed this clunky money card; a 3rd Batty might be better for the slot.
  • Jua: Jua into any EtR ice is often an easy way to score against anarchs and shapers. Thimblerig can help move Jua to the correct position.
11 Sep 2018 Sapph0

Inspired <3<3<3<3<3<3

11 Sep 2018 BlackCherries

This looks awesome!

Is Sadaka for Film Critic hate?

11 Sep 2018 phette23

I actually think Snare is the most fun card in Netrunner

I totally agree. This was the card that grabbed me out of the core set. Congrats on another inspiring brew!

13 Sep 2018 Steamwood

This is no Little Prince spicy deck, this is the hottest of the hot. Very nice!

15 Sep 2018 Agasha

Every Jinteki player's three favorite words during an access:


". . . it's a Snare!"

22 Sep 2018 MazeBerlin

Really nice deck