Hernando Kilrain-Chang (1st @ Remote Access GNK, 4-0)

ClosDeLaRoche 763

Your typical good-stuff 419 with one atypical addition: the Hernando Cortez and Beth Kilrain-Chang combo. Both corps and runners are filthy rich in this meta and these two resources do great work in punishing rich corps. Sit back with Beth and enjoy click-free draw or 5-click turns, then bring the corp back down with Hernando. Three Daily Casts is not typical of the new-breed ultra-fast criminal builds but the deck likes to occasionally sit back a few turns to get Hernando and Beth back online.

The combo is powerful but not needed for the deck to win. There is enough aggression in the form of Boomerang, DoF, Dirty Laundry and Bravado that you can go fast successfully.

The deck leans towards taking down the likes of The Outfit, Palana, GameNET and Blue Sun but has very few weaknesses. While Hernando is incredible glacier tech, Beth is an all-around amazing card which plays like if a third rezeki could also give you much-needed draw.

As an aside, the Hernando Kilrain-Chang combo works beautifully in good-stuff Hoshiko too.

If you like your crim to go a touch slower than the very fastest with a lean towards beating glacier than this is a fantastic build to play. Have fun with the deck, Cheers!

1 Sep 2020 ValkyriezGaming

I like the list, do you think it would function just aswell in Leela? I really like playing Leela for her boardstate impact ability.

Also, have you needed or wanted Hostage to find Hernando and Beth?

1 Sep 2020 ClosDeLaRoche

Hi Valkyriez, yes I imagine that this would do fine out of Leela. Although when I play Leela I typically like to play cards that allow me to get a sneaky early score like legwork, maker's eye and inside job. This build is optimized for 419 and some minor changes would be in order to capitalize on Leela's ability.

1 Sep 2020 ClosDeLaRoche

& hostage isn't worth the slot.

2 Sep 2020 ValkyriezGaming

Cheers, thanks for that. I really like Hernando and Beth in the same list.