Lazy Liza 2.0

5N00P1 683

This is an iteration of my Liza builds trying to improve it. Won a GNK with it together mit my Mti Jeeves Impressions:

  • Special Order is a good card when you play against some one who is trying to lock you out, mainly Glacier
  • Credit Kiting only having 2 sucks, you want to use them for your expensive breakers, not having one available when you need it

I was never able to use Embezzle without Equivocation you can't play the card into the hand of your opponent to kill it. Like HPT or EoI. I was playing only 2 games with this, had a timed win & lost against Argus ....

12 Oct 2018 Longi

Hey again :) I know Tycoon has outstanding efficiency but it does negate your goal to keep the corp poor. Did you test also other fracters?

12 Oct 2018 5N00P1

I think the thing is about the corp trying to lock you out of centrals. It's a way to deal with: Ice Wall, IP Block and especially against Wraparound it work wonders as it's damn cheap. To get your Aumakua back to strength to apply pressure again. So it's more important to get in then keeping the corp poor. That is why I play Emergency Shutdown to derez the ICE.
But I think you try to use it as less as possible and I can count the number of occasions on one hand.
And sometimes it work to DoF them on 3 creds and get yourself 5 creds :D.
But of course this is not so easy to answer. My opponent yesterday was playing Saker and he was checking the Tycoon stats during play. Check my report on Mti with Jeeves Game 4.
I think this is personal preference but the big danger is they lock your out especially Mti with IP Block and other nasty stuff and a discount of 2 for yourself work wonders.