Long may she Rein(a)

Fridan 190

This deck is heavily inspired by the Old Revolutionary Reina deck by mao. It performed very nicely at a recent store champs. I only changed 3 cards in the end.

-2 Run Amok, +2 DDoS. They have similar functions, but DDoS has the edge for me due to synergy with career fair and not having to facecheck ice.

-1 Interdiction, +1 Citadel Sanctuary. I wanted something to deal with rewiring combo decks and buff my CTM match up. This was probably a mistake on the day as my 2 losses were against the same Scorpios list that hit me with Marcus Batty both times, and my CTM game went pretty smoothly without Citadel.

It's a fun deck that played well. It can get rushed, but there are enough tools to give you a chance.

4 Dec 2017 Saintis

Can confirm this deck was very unexpected to play against. Had no clue what was going on and hence lost. Lost my first Atlas to Maxwell James and it was just downhill from there on.

Reina tax is surprisingly strong.

Great games in Chatteris!