Find the Sun (1st @ Northeast Regionals)

DeeR 1417

Hello! This is the Sunny Deck that I took to the Northeast Regionals, winning all three games. This was my first ever in person tournament, and I was proxying all cards, so Big Maxx was out of the question. I'd been tweaking this deck since worlds, where it became exceedingly clear how powerful a combo Find the Truth/Mad Dash is (getting to top cut in both Adam + Hoshiko). I liked a FtT Sunny deck due to its interactions with Jak Sinclair, Dreamnet, and White Hat (basically turning any central server with no ICE, or 1 ICE once Nexus is out into a clickless value engine). A few other decisions:

Influence: 3 Pad Tap, 3 Gachapon, 3 Rezeki, 2 Aumakua, 3 Deuces Wild (AKA the Cpt_Nice package) was a guarantee. So was 1x FtT since that's the deck. I tried so many influence pieces with those last 5 pips. DJ Fenris didn't fire enough, Liberated Account was very difficult to install against HHN, Boomerang was too unreliable early game in a 50 card deck (and can't be targeted with Gacha), the extra FtT actually wasn't that necessary (Gachapon often can pick it up, and I almost always picked it even over Data Folding/a breaker). All were good options, but this deck just needed to be as fast as possible. The penultimate iteration was 3x Career Fair 1x Aumakua 1x The Turning Wheel. Falsified does so many different things for this deck (info, viruses, money, the 3 units runners deal it). A few odder cards:

Overclock: For asset spam & PD; only system gateway card in this set & I do not regret it.

Black Hat: I don't love this card, but once I decided to remove The Turning Wheel, one Black Hat for multiaccess is pretty necessary, specifically for HQ runs following a White Hat turn.

No Striker: Cpt_Nice did this & it's brilliant. I don't miss it for one second. Shrike is needed for Anansi, Sherman for glacier/mid-glacier HB.

At the tournament, the deck went 3-0 against all three factions that matter (Jinteki, NBN, Weyland). It was pretty much good luck, in that all three decks were value engines (Daily Quest R+, La Costa/Data Loop Palana/Fast Advance Kill Gagarin), and Sunny just outvalues them. Best moment was probably accessing 9 points of agendas from Palana in one turn on a combo White Hat/Black Hat run (through a Nisei token).

Thank you so much to internet for running the tournament, everyone who came to the tournament for being so patient with a learner, StO & ArminFirecracker for brainstorming the deck with me (both literally & physically), and June for providing me with cards after the fact so I can now actually begin to build decks. Volunteering with NISEI literally is the perfect thing an introvert can do to be comfortable at these kinds of cons, because people literally come to you to talk about a game you like! It's the perfect Icebreaker (besides Aumakua, ofc)

13 Dec 2021 Cpt_nice

FTT is an interesting include that I should try out. I really don't like spending a click on Globalsec Clearance and this does essentially the same clickless.

13 Dec 2021 Cpt_nice

Also, congrats on winning your first irl tournament!

13 Dec 2021 wiriamu

I got beat by this deck (R+). I knew I was in trouble, because I dropped a lot of anti-virus tech, and Sunny makes so much money. Congrats on the win and thanks for your patience and generosity with this other learner playing in a tournament for the first time.

13 Dec 2021 DeeR

@Cpt_nice Thanks! Yeah, I've also never been able to get into "FtT @ Home", since Sunny is already so slow as is. The downside really isn't too big a deal either, since pretty much the rest of the deck is econ or hat. (Falsified can be a bit of a downer with FtT, but usually opponent won''t rez in response to seeing it unless you're very low on credits.

13 Dec 2021 DeeR

@uiriamu It was such a pleasure! Sec'y Nexus through Thoth feels like cheating. Glad we could teach each other all the triggers we need to remember in the real world :P.

18 Dec 2021 DeeR

DoTW! Amazing! Since I forgot to put it in the write-up, here's the playlist I listen to while I play this deck on Jnet. A little less manic than Maxx, a little less commercial than NBN:

18 Dec 2021 cableCarnage

Needs to proxy all the cards.

Chooses a 50 card id.

:P Congrats on the result!