Big Rig Iain Stirling (ID Swap)

Manta 21

Made for an ID swap tournament alongside a Cybernetics AgInfusion deck. This deck was originally built in Chaos Theory and then swapped into Iain.

Main concept is to make a Big Rig Iain that gets set up. This also circumvents Iain's influence restrictions. While you set up you force the corp to score because if they don't score out before you get rolling they lose. This deck got bodied by an HB deck being played out of Replicating Perfection but did generally well otherwise. The RP deck took 1st place. Newly legal Interfaces combo with Divide and Conquer to let you get tons of free cards with access. For example, having 1 of R&D Interface and HQ Interface will give you a super-run that gets to see 4 cards across servers, plus whatever is in archives. I would probably go back and try to come up with the influence to add an extra one. Daredevil fit great into the deck, which gets great value out of x3 Modded. Corp will have to get set up and when they do you inevitably get card draw. Atman and Crypsis were kinda whatever, they never really got used with the prominence of IP Block.

Very fun, I wish I could return to this deck later. Iain's ability consistently fired, and in one game probably gave me 30-40 credits over the course of the game.