Deli Counter


OK this is the uniquest deck I have ever made, just in time for Portland Regionals 2018 and Stimhack Online Cache Refresh 7. The goal is to be wildly wealthy, and build a remote with Data Ravens plus as many of the Forced Connection and Overseer Matrix as you can find. Almost always an eyebrow will go up after the third card in a single remote, and people start asking questions after the fifth.

You're working toward a simultaneous scoring and High-Profile Target win, so once you're ready to go, get an agenda in the remote or even better the False Flag. The good ice is for centrals while you're waiting for this to happen. If they run it, you land 7 tags or so; if they don't, score things like SSL Endorsement and profit anyway.

I named it because I've heard of Butchershop and I wanted a junior version of the imagery: take some tags, get some meat (damage).

How did this do? I think it went 4-2 or so at regionals, and something similar at SOCR. It has major weaknesses to fast runners and to high-link runners (I was totally destroyed by a Sunny deck that took apart my remote one piece at a time like some crazy explosives specialist dismantling a bomb).

Also, a true story: I took the deck to Regionals and felt like, since I had 11 transactions, Blockchain must be a good card. I totally believed the hype and spent a fortune to rez it, then it basically did nothing the rest of the game and I felt totally scammed, so I nominate it for most on-point flavor of all Netrunner cards. I would replace this in any future incarnations.

24 Dec 2018 BlackCherries

No IPO, whaaa? =O

Too Big to Fail is also another potential candidate.