Red Queen's Gabelle - Core Experience 2019

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Derived from
None. Self-made deck here.
Inspiration for
sc19: Red Queen's Gabelle 2.0
Teaching Anarch Deck
Reina Roja 3 * Sys Core
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cableCarnage 543

Core Experience Anarch - Reina

Game plan

Disrupt the corp by keeping their credits low and trashing key cards. You should try to ensure that at most 1 ice is rezzed each turn to maximise Reina's id ability. This often involves facechecking ice so make sure you can take the hit. The 1 helps against traces, making resources (especially Connections) harder to remove.

Card choices

  • Career Fair - This deck runs many expensive resources providing much value but at a slow pace. This card speeds up the rate at which the cards pay off.
  • Hostage - There are several Connections in this deck and their value is maximised if installed early. This card is an extra copy of the one you need most in the situation you find yourself in (Professional Contacts in the early game, Kati Jones once set up, Scrubber against asset heavy decks).
  • Legwork - Helps close out games that drag on when the corp has agendas piling up in hq.
  • Queen's Gambit - Strong but risky burst economy card. Make sure you put it on a card you don't want to access this turn anymore.
  • Quest Completed - Counter to corps that make a very taxing scoring remote while ignoring central. Might not be worth including in the deck.
  • Akamatsu Mem Chip - This deck runs several support programs (Datasucker, Imp and Lamprey) and at 1 and 1 influence the chip is a cheap way to install more.
  • Patchwork - Very strong economy card. To use this on jnet, you click on an installed Patchwork then the card you wish to play in your grip and then the card you wish to trash from your grip. For example click on your install Patchwork, then Retrieval Run in your grip that you want to play, then Femme Fatale in your grip that you want to trash. Congratulations, you installed Femme Fatale for 1.
  • R&D Interface - Late game card making your R&D, runs more efficient and locking the corp.
  • Professional Contacts - Synergy with Patchwork and facechecking Jinteki ICE.
  • Abagnale - Much better decoder than Force of Nature.
  • Femme Fatale - Deals with Tollbooth and in an emergency with sentries beyond the strength of Mimic
23 Feb 2019 sanjayshelat

Wanted to post a thanks to Cable Carnage here for producing a set of excellent decks for the core experience card set. Thanks my man, I had a lot of fun playing with all your decks over the course of the cycle :-)