9 Influence Stealth Jes - I won a playmat with this too

Sanjay 3080

I built this deck because I haven't played in a while and I wanted to see what all the hype was about with regard to Crowdfunding.

I never drew Crowdfunding. There was even specific prize support at the tournament for the best runner who didn't have Crowdfunding in the deck, so all the Crowdfundings did was disqualify me for that. I would have been so much happier if those were 2x High-Stakes Job that I didn't draw.

I won all my runner games but I still like to think I was carried by my technically less successful Mwanza Seidr deck, which is, imo, the forefront of innovation.

8 Jan 2019 EnderA

Do you think Hostage is worth including? Getting DJ Fenris early is awesome, and Beth Kilrain-Chang is nice too.

8 Jan 2019 Sanjay

I know that's what scumhooligan is doing and I like it!

13 Jan 2019 scumhooligan

How did you like John Masanori in this? I wish his tag punishment wasn't a nonbo with Jes' tag avoidance.