Another Brain Rewiring CI - 4th Worlds, 1st Hungarian Nats

percomis 1136

Made 4th at Worlds 2017 and 1st at Hungarian Nationals the week before with this deck.

By this point most people know how this combo works, so I don't think that needs more elaboration. Asger (aka Tugtegut) saw this deck in action and then tried to rebuild it, then we polished it a bit during testing. Notable differences to other versions:

  • Doesn't have 24/7: we did test 24/7 and it can help, but usually when the kill hate comes down you just try to score an EffCom and score 5 more points later. The deck has an inf floating, so cutting Foods for this might work, but I like the fact that the deck has no real 3 pointers.

  • No Cerebral Static: we just considered this card against Leela, but then people at Worlds pointed out it's also quite nice against Hayley triggers (Davinci into SacCon shenanigans). Still, did not feel that necessary. Against Leela you just use Contract Killer instead of Force and rez it before the Rewiring score. (Met no Leelas at Worlds btw.)

  • Only 6 ICE: I saw lists with more and while it can be awkward at times (giving open centrals early game for the runners) it allows slots for more Jeeves (useful in combo and if trashed, takes a click and 5 creds from the runner), CVS and Ark Lockdown (no one ever actually let Clot go to the bin until they lost, but if they had, it would have been useful). The Lockdown is questionable, could be a Crisium to fight Information Sifting.

Shoutouts again to Asger for giving me his refined CI kill list, it proved to be very strong :)

10 Nov 2017 Fruggles


Bummed I didn't make it to worlds this year, as it was a pleasure to meet you and many others in 2016, but super happy for you - I at least got to hype you up on the stream :P

Congrats on your success - well deserved!