Big Blade (14th At Worlds, 7th In Swiss)

DeeR 621

This is the deck I took to my first worlds. With my four IDs (Maxx, Steve, Omar, Quetzal against Rotom) it has 69 cards. It's basically sack of cards. A few choices:

Knifed: Knifed is bad & was used 0 times all tournament (was expecting more Kakugo & ACME)

Programs: Botulus and Fermenter make phenomenal Gachapon targets. I didn't run Stargate because I was anticipating a lot of ARES & Crisium, and this deck isn't consistent enough to guarantee an empty R&D

Hardware: Gachapon is great at removing redundancies and unnecessary cards. Worst case scenario, it gives a discount install on a bin breaker (not good, but money still). I ran only 2 Maw because in the matchups it's really helpful in you'll have enough time to get to it, but I'm not entirely convinced by that logic. Lots of trashes because I didn't have enough memory. Maybe next time I'd make it 80 card Maxx and run Keiko & Maw :P.

During the tournament, the deck beat 2 CtMs, & 1 PD (After hitting 4 Snares!). It lost to 1 PD (Piloted by the eventual champion), 1 CtM, and 1 RH.

Congrats to RotomAppliance for taking it! Thanks to SimplyTheOnion & ArminFirecracker for being such a lovely testing group. And thanks to the lovely NISEI staff for organizing.

I'm not great with memes, but here is the playlist I listened to when playing this deck. I've also uploaded some of my most interesting games to the IPT Discord:

30 Nov 2021 ElderMason

Remember Sports? The Front Bottoms?! Bright Eyes?!? THE POKEMON JOHTO THEME?!?!? BRUH. THIS PLAYLIST IS FANTASTIC.

1 Dec 2021 DeeR

Dirty Laundry, Fermenter, The Turning Wheel, & Gachapon respectively :P.