Mother still knows best (undefeated/1st place Den Hague SC)

Cpt_nice 1549

"Mommy is back for more..."

After a somewhat shameful display at the Belgian Nationals, ending up near the bottom, I decided it was time to review my deck choices. Me not playing NBN is out of the question, so I switched from Sol to Azmari. For my runner, I briefly considered going back to Smoke, but I don't like her match ups at the moment. As my Sunny deck performed better at Nationals than my corp, as well as winning a GNK, I decided to stick with Best Mom and rethink my list. And it paid off.

The deck went undefeated, beating Jinteki PE, Skorpios, Aginfusion and Argus. The only match up I really feared was Titan FA, but nobody played it at the event. It is mostly because of them, and because CI is now somewhat nerfed, that I dropped triple Employee Strike and decided to go with Film Critic for my new unicorn, combined with The Source to curb fast advance. I even briefly considered Traffic Jam but ended up slapping myself for being so stupid and went with Interdiction instead.

Some other notable changes include:

  • Got rid of Info Sifting, added Legwork (yaaaaay, free influence)
  • Took out Caldera, Added Feedback Filter (Voter Intimidation is nasty)
  • Added 1 No One Home to deal with Sea Source on turns where you are somewhat low on credits, and it saves you 9 credits to mitigate snare damage. I wish I could add multiples but deck space is tight.
  • Added 1 White Hat. Won me the game against Skorpios, by getting ridding of his Audacity when he had an Atlas in hand.
  • Added 2 Symmetrical Visage for extra draw power. Incredibly underrated card.

Thanks to all my opponents for the great games, you people are what keep me playing and building.