Bouncing in Berlin (1st at warm-up event, 2nd at KoS)

Longi 1445

First of all, this deck is just a simple derivation of two great Leela decks that have been posted recently by @CodeMarvelous and @Slowriffs.

As I was assigned to bring criminal ID for Chancellor of Servers event (Saturday team tournament at Double Play 2019 in Berlin) I first thought of Lisa as I had a blast with her at Hungarian Nationals. After realising that 1/3 of the field will be Weyland players trying to kill me, I was forced to change my mind. I always wanted to try out Leela but disliked the idea of sitting back and waited for the Gang Signs to win me the game. Then the two above mentioned decks caught my attention and I made last minute decision which I did not regret during the whole trip.

The deck went 3-0 on Thursday warm-up tournament (14 players) helping me to secure 1st place and on 3-1 on the Saturday Chacellor of Servers event (12 teams) helping us secure as 2nd place. It may be not the strongest deck out there but it really is fun to play!

PS: If you haven´t been to Double play (also Domecon) yet, pleas know that it is blast to attend and you should do your best to show up next year;)

11 Feb 2019 adquen

The Hernando Cortez-hype is real, it seems.

And congratz on your standings, Longi!

11 Feb 2019 Longi

Yes, Hernando certainly pulls his weight. He creates win-win scenarios for runner. And thank you.