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branimated 515

I've only played a few games with this, but so far it seems promising.

Inspired by rongydoge's Focus Group NEH, I remembered that there is another 17 influence NBN ID that can peek at the Runner's grip without playing Peeping Tom!

How does this deck work? Get Agroplex and Portals on the table, and start pulling in cards and credits. Rush with the threat of HHN. At some point, you'll have Focus Group and Beale. Your aim is to score it out with as many points as possible. Raven, Thoth, (and to a lesser degree) Turnpike make it difficult for the Runner to interact without taking a tag and showing you the grip. Use that knowledge! Or just play Standard Procedure if you're not sure on the FA turn.

If the runner doesn't seem to want to run, start scoring agendas, they'll start interacting (or lose).

The kill package is here because it's a good way to win if it comes up.

I've had a blast with this list, and I hope other people do too!

25 Mar 2019 Cambro

Looks like a fun deck :)

3 Apr 2019 branimated

Thanks! It is fun, and I've been tuning it since I published this draft. The main changes are swapping Thoth for Gutenberg, dropping Boom, Archived, and Rashida and adding Shipment from Tennin, Fast Track, and more Preemptives. Basically, leaning more into Focus Group and FA in general to see if it can work reliably if built around. If not, then the Mental Health Clinics go away and we just go back to cheese wins with surprise Boom.