Notice me Icon-san (4-1 Turin SC)

koga 627

This is the deck that carried me at the Turin SC. It's a mix of 2 decks built by the great Icon, THE PE player in Italy. Here are his original decklists:



I saw the new Sting! and felt like it could have really helped PE out, and as it turns out it feels pretty strong, killing runners left and right on Jinteki and IRL. Faced 3 Smokes on the day, all on Film Critic + Feedback Filter. Only 1 of them came out with a win.

Deck is nice, play around with ice, go annoy some people and don't bring this to tournaments, you'll have no time between rounds to relax.

24 Mar 2019 CaKnuckleguy

How are you handling Film+Feedback so well? Speeding them out? I've tried some tech against them that works well, but I'm curious how you're handling it.

24 Mar 2019 koga

@CaKnuckleguygo for their resources. In the only game I lost I failed 2 Voter Intimidation in a row and let Kati + Beth + Critic do their job for a bit too long.

Consider this: every net damage is 3, and your ice taxes quite a bit too. Shaper econ isn't the greatest, the Rezeki build still needs some resource support. Jam agendas, trade points with them early, the only real issue is when they find an Obokata Protocol early (but if they do, you usually get a window to score one yourself).

After they get first agenda in the score area you can start killing dangerous cards.

24 Mar 2019 zmb

With all the virus being tested right now (now being release of Downfall) you could consider swapping Medical Research Fundraiser with Reverse Infection which, on top of purging, mills cards needed to steal your Obos

12 Apr 2019 koga

@zmb Medical Research Fundraiser was initially slotted in instead of IPO, but if the meta shifts heavily in favor of virus based decks you could surely make a case for it