World's Bottom Tables Maxx

ManBunBatty 52

I did pretty poorly at Worlds in general (5-9), but I wanted to publish and give myself a sense to closure to the event.

MaxX was one of a few runners I had been testing (along with Val, Smoke), and she just felt better in all my games, especially given the ban on Zer0. So that's where we went, and this deck is based on stephenball's Moral High Ground. I had a few tech inclusions here - 2x D4v1d (thinking there would be a good amount of Surveyor/FC3/Anasi/DNA Tracker), 2x DDoS (my anti-Mti and general rush tech), 2x Clone Chip (again, I was prepped to bounce and reinstall D4v1ds as necessary).

Turns out the major issue was my play rather than card choices. I do regret not being on 3x Black Orchestra and Paperclip, but I don't feel it made that big of a deal on the day.

Went 1-6 with this MaxX, first game was the win against Titan (kind of a toss-up for MaxX in my experience, and I barely eked it out), and the rest of the games I lost. A few were close, and I was maybe a turn away from getting the win. Losses were to Outfit (kill), Gagarin (kill), SportMetal (locked out), Titan (rushed), Mti (rushed), and Cyber Division (player mistake, I didn't run a remote on point and I was barely thinking at that point in the day).

Thanks to all opponents - Brandon, Brian, Nick, John, James, Chris, and Don. Had a good time playing, hope you did as well.