Tags for Worlds (3/4)

Dunsch 97

After playing against some versions of this I wanted to play my own Tag me Zahya deck. The first test of the core mechanic was at Lockdown 17 where it really went well. I changed some cards as they were banned on Lockdown.

For the games I won 3 and lost 4. Game 1: CTM started good and went south after I lost my second Counter Surveillance and just didn't trash the assets. Game 2: Sportsmetal killed me with Boom! O.o Game 3: Gagarin didn't end well my profile was just a bit too high Game 4: got grinded out by Palana Game 5: CtM helped me finding all the agendas I needed. Game 6: Azmari got an early shot on a Reeducation and a Boom. Farmed my tags and stole another 9 Points in one go. Game 7: Really close game agianst CtM found 3 points and got them swapped away for 15 min, both going up to matchpoint 6 for the corp 5 for me and beeing lucky to find the last Beale before Quantum predictive.

Try it out and have some fun with it.