R&Dazed (0-2 at Durham CO)

DisgruntledElf 49

Not good. This started as an Amelia Earhart deck hastily thrown together the night before the tournament, though I eventually swapped that for The Twinning. Tough to say if there's anything here really, I thought the idea of Beatriz and Eru were cool with The Twinning and charge stuff because you can run any of the three centrals and see 3 cards, and, like, why would I want to run a heavily iced R&D when I can just run anywhere and that is also R&D, you know? I like to think of the idea of R&D as a fluid concept. But it really struggled against Architects of Tomorrow. The second game I just beefed it and forgot to clear a tag with 3 cards in hand, so more of an indictment on my decision making than the deck.

I would cut the two Rigging Up, I was having a hard time with the last two cuts and just decided to send it, but with fresh eyes it's obviously the Rigging Ups.