CBI 2023 - runner - Rebecca Black Freedom

x3r0h0ur 8877

Publishing because a few of my opponents wanted to talk shop after playing, and they're cool decks.

I chose this because I wanted something that could get online and through 1 ice cheap, while being able to trash things. Mostly to beat R+ and sports. Did well vs the 2 sports I played. Didn't play any R+. Got lots of mid-glacier weyland and nbn.

I think the game is too fast for Labor Rights, but this was to prolong vs any damage decks, and games that grind out. You can recur mostly your weapons and fermenter.

Didn't do well on the day, but I think there is something here.

31 Jan 2023 SHIEL

I will be trying this list and look forward to seeing if you come up with any refinements, because I'm (A) interested in a virus-counter deck of this nature and (B) sick of seeing boat everywhere and aggressively trying to play non-boat decks just out of a contrarian desire to not do the obvious thing.