Kicking It with Leela (2nd Standish SC)

Armored Ascetic 144

After growing slightly tired of eating turtle tags every time I saw an IP Block, I decided on switching from denial 419 to Engolo Leela. Many of my thoughts that went into deck construction were independently captured by the NYC Leela gang, so I'll just cover the main differences.

Security Testing/Kati - when trying to play a less aggressive Crim, I've generally found it to be really easy to run out of steam late game, and I expected Engolo to make that way worse. I decided on 2 Sec Testings, as having one and a Paragon early is a huge quality of life improvement.

Legwork/The Maker's Eye - I've found having event burst access can make a huge difference, as being able to bounce scary remote cards is generally much preferable to alternatives.

Flip Switch - When the two best corps in my estimation are Mti and Argus, having a multiuse tool to get you out of the worst kinds of binds they can put you in was very appealing. I think Engolo negates the problem of needing most all your breakers to really run against Mti, so I'd probably turn 1 of these into another Special Order.

Femme/Inside Job - Against Ravens and combined with Engolo, I feel like some number of bypass effects are very worthwhile.

No Sucker/Baklan - It's possible that Engolo makes a big enough difference for it to be worth it, but I was concerned about floating tags with Sec Testing/Class Act/Turning Wheel, and MU was tight with Femme and Engolo.

I beat Cybernetics Division and Argus, and lost to Mti after a bold opening of showing me an NGO with Celeb Gift, and then scoring out naked Nisei and CST while I had Engolo out, thoroughly embarrassing me. Engolo felt amazing on the day, turning on all the gross run events, while synergizing very well with Leela bounces and bypass.