Run Based Leela (2nd at 16 person SC)

vinegarymink 419

Been playing some variation on run based Leela for a while, and haven't seen a lot of lists for her I like around. So here's mine

I've found her ability to be really solid, slowing down some of the rushier corps and making them want to double ice important servers, making it easier to land Dirty Laundry and Security Testing.

I'm confident that Crowdfunding is the right Restricted Card; low cost econ that replaces itself. This deck will often want to run a bunch for all of its other run matters card, so Crowdfunding recurs itself consistently.

The Restriction meant I had to drop Employee Strike, and while I haven't massively missed the effect, it might be worth looking at Corp Grant, just as a pretty good current that can clear Scarcity of Resources.

Anyway I'll end on some brief explanations for card choices.

Special Order: This goes and finds a breaker of your choice right out of your deck. Really good when you want an Icebreaker but don't have it in your hand!

R&D Interface: This lets you access an additional card from R&D whenever you run there successfully. Really useful as it increases your chance to access agendas which gives you points.

Embezzle: Lets you trash any sorts of cards from the Corporations HQ, and gives you 4 credits for each type trashed. The only downside is that you need to successfully run HQ, name the card type you're hoping to trash and randomly hit them.

Beth Kilrain Chang: Beth does three things. Gives you a credit (if the Corp has 5-9 credits), gives you a card (if the Corp has 10-14 credits), gives you a click (if the Corp has 15 or more credits). These all happen at the beginning of your turn.

24 Feb 2019 Cliquil

Could you talk more about what Caldera is useful for in this deck?

24 Feb 2019 vinegarymink

Of course. Caldera is useful because it can prevent any amount of net or even brain damage! However you do need to pay 3 credits for each point of damage you prevent. So in a sense it lets you trade net/brain damage for spent credits.

26 Feb 2019 b3ar

Why no Aumakua?

26 Feb 2019 Cluster Fox

Did you often find yourself looking for a breaker? Special Order as one-of seems risky :)

6 Mar 2019 Nembras

Can you talk a bit about Sure Gamble? Do you include it because it gains you a net 4 credits for one click, as long as you have five credits in your pool, which is really efficient and worth the card slot?

10 Mar 2019 Thike

Thanks for sharing! Won a small SC with this, -1 EShutdown +1 Special Order because I decided that a card that derezzed the corporation's ice after I ran HQ was less valuable than a card that let's me search my stack for an icebreaker, reveal it, and add it to my grip. Only lost one game to being stupid and impatient against grail.

Good stuff crim is good.