No, Sir, they're saying Boo-urns (3rd in 16-person SC)

paulyg 1034

Hello! Here is the runner deck that I took to Brighton store champs. I came 3rd of 16 with this super fun nice lovely deck. See the last paragraph for changes I'd make

Recently, Crowdfunding has been pretty much everywhere and, as the corp, some players have been feeling it’s a little oppressive. Well, good news, because this deck isn’t running Crowdfunding to ensure that both players have a lovely time. Instead it runs Gang Sign which just facilitates a fun little sub-game every now and again.

Now, Gang Sign costs 1 and I noticed that there are some other cards that also cost 1 (and only some of them are bad). Whilst you and your opponent get set up and play some fun Leela / Gang Sign / HQ Interface / Turntable games you can gradually sneak various dubious 1-cost things onto the board until you have a bunch of them. Then it’s time for another a bit of fun as you play Freedom Through Equality into Khusyuk and your opponent flips six off R&D.

This deck beat Argus, Palana and Titan and lost to 6-agenda Azmari twice. It sounded a bit like people booed when I installed Gang Sign in the cut, but I think they were actually shouting Boo-urns.

I hadn’t had much time to play it before the store champs, but after playing it there I made some refinements and won a GNK with the new version this week. The changes mostly reflect the lack of running in the early game, the fact that Scarcity messes up your plans, and the need for more money: -1 Datasucker, -3 Laundry, -1 PolOp, -1 Stimhack, +1 Interdiction, +3 PAD Tap, +2 PioT.

3 Apr 2019 BlackCherries

Very surprised that Flip Switch didn't make it into this deck. Even if you're not running enough to find use from it, it's great Surveyor tech and is non-unique.

3 Apr 2019 paulyg

I did put Flip Switch in an earlier version but I found I wasn’t running until I had all my breakers and lots of money typically. Not a bad Slot at all but I decided on more econ.

4 Apr 2019 rotage

I was saying Boo-urns

6 Apr 2019 Vortilion


6 Apr 2019 paulyg

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