Hardware • Install: 1 • Influence: 1

You cannot use this hardware during the Corp's turn.

trash: Jack out.

trash: Remove 1 tag.

Whenever a trace initiates during your turn, you may trash to reduce the base trace strength to 0.

BMI switches let runners surface without a true disconnect. Handy for a break... immediately.
Criminal • Krembler • Downfall 13
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Flip Switch
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  • NISEI Downfall Release Notes [NISEI Rules Team]

    Does the Runner still have to pay the additional cost from Port Anson Grid if they use Flip Switch to jack out from a run on its server?

    Yes. When the ability on Flip Switch resolves, the Runner must trash a program to jack out. If they do not trash a program, they do not jack out.

    Does the third ability on Flip Switch trigger Armand “Geist” Walker?

    Yes. Geist only cares that it’s an ability with a icon; it doesn’t have to be a paid ability.


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