Murder on the Bants Floor

tzeentchling 1216

accurate description of corp to runner

Undefeated 3-0 at Off the Grid! Between these results and the NEH that actually made the cut, I think reports of the death of NBN are highly exaggerated. The death of the runner, however, will not be! Tag'n'bag is back, baby.

Setting an intention

Lots of the ways for the runner to get and stay tagged. All it takes is one moment for the runner to be on less than 8 credits and 5 cards and the game is yours. Or bait them into a Behold!, or a moderately defended agenda with AMAZE Amusements in the server. Piranhas is a great new ice that is annoying to deal with and has good subroutines. Bad pub doesn't help remove tags, after all! And if the runner is steadfastly refusing to interact, The Holo Man can get you to 7 with Project Beale doing its best impression of "we have 5/3s at home."

Sadly in the tournament I was let down by my runner side, going only 1-3 (Sable really needed to work on her knife skills more) and finishing in 10th. Still happy to have done well and the event was a great time! Shout outs to @ctz and PJ for helping rep the Bay Area, to @OrbitalTangent for running such a great event, and to all my friends old and new that I got to hang out and play Netrunner with this weekend.

10 Jun 2024 Wentagon

R+ is dead, long live R+ 👑

11 Jun 2024 Agasha

So glad to see this list. I mean, I would personally not like to run against it. But there is so much poor running and I think it's super healthy to remind folks that there are penalties for ending the turn with fewer than 8 credits / no plan for clearing tags.

No Free Lunch stock going back up?

Congrats on the finish.