Training Wheels

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Dirjel 232

This deck is designed to teach new players how to run nets. You will play as corp in the first match. The corp deck is here:

The card list is composed of cards from a single original core set. Every card in this list is a winner. We aren't here to learn synergies or combos. We're here to learn the basic rules, how to count money, and how to identify scoring windows.

We've got econ. We've got breakers. We've got tricks. We do NOT have tutor, because searching a deck is overwhelming when you don't know how to play the game. That's fine - there's Inside Job, Tinkering, Crypsis.... and you aren't here to beat the runner, so you'll go easy on them if they make a bad facecheck (dang, I just can't afford to rez this time!)

I'm using The Masque on purpose. We don't want an ID ability - again, we're not here to learn about synergy, we just want to run some nets. I strongly encourage you to sleeve the Basic Action Card with the ID, so they can flip it around and see what they can do.

Good luck, have fun, and show those rookies how much fun this game is!