Redemption Toolbelt (1st at Cambridge SC)

paulyg 1034

This deck is largely boreira's Best Girl I've Ever Had list but with -1 Earthrise, -1 Flip Switch, -1 PolOp, +2 Inside Job, +1 No One Home. I wanted to play some good old-fashioned Leela after the travesty that I took to Brighton SC. I picked boreira's list because Turntable is my favourite runner card and I liked the inclusion of Labor Rights and Clone Chip to help deal with any rigshooters I might encounter.

I put in the Inside Jobs at Asger's suggestion and they were excellent across the two tournaments I took the list to. I'm a big fan of No One Home and it can sort of do some of the same things as a Flip Switch whilst also being good Hard Hitting News protection and letting you investigate with a little less caution against net damage decks if you have to.

I took this deck to Nottingham store champs (3rd place with this deck going 2-1) and Cambridge store champs (1st place with this deck on 5-1, dropping a game to Mti). There are so many tools for different situations, and it's always a fun puzzle to play! You can watch me play 3 rounds on stream here.

Thanks to everyone I played across the two store champs and big thanks to Asger for helping me tune the deck and advising me on the match-ups!

29 Apr 2019 boreira

cograts on the win! cool changes like it a lot will try it out :)

29 Apr 2019 Terje

YASS. so pleased for your win.

29 Apr 2019 Rahrhino

Congratulations Paul! I was on NEXT Design which performed very well on the day but I just felt like I just couldn't get going against this as you used Leela very well to just disregard the remote entirely. A very well deserved 1st place :)

29 Apr 2019 paulyg

@Rahrhino Yes, I was not getting into that remote! I just had to hope that my bag of tricks didn't run out too soon. Good game though!