Best Girl I've Ever Had - 1st at SC Poznan

boreira 135

The night after ending up 3rd on saturday SC in Nowa Sol I felt a need of changing runner for the sunday SC in Poznan. Finally went for just my fav crim cards and fav id Leela Patel: Trained Pragmatist

opis w przypadku braku

And ended up first ^_^

Few words:

Play 3x Career Fair + Earthrise Hotel + The Class Act with Crowdfunding the card draw is just insane

Play 3x PAD Tap love this card with this draw

Play Turntable because it is Leela's favorite console

Here is a video of the final game of Store Champs - Leela vs Titan. I'm a bit sorry to @Smieszny who is a local legend but lost because Leela is a lucky star:

22 Apr 2019 DonLoverGate

How much work is Flip Switch doing? Could you see Spear Phishing as a makeshift answer to Mti & co?