Reg-Ass Pied Piper (MWL 3.2) (1st SC, 4-1)

greyfield 3796


How to be a meta master:

1) take Pied Piper deck
2) remove broken Laamb combo cards that are illegal
3) add Val stuff
4) that's it.

Plan is the same as under the original Pied Piper: use Paige Piper and a Crowdfunding to throw your other Crowdfundings in the bin, thus allowing you to install all of them as early as turn 2. From there, you can do typical Val stuff - fill up Aumakuas/Datasuckers, get tons of TTW counters, use Hippo to punch holes in servers to reload Crowdfundings, and win with a big TTW hit.

Playing as Gnat is not at all required; having him makes the deck more consistent but at the cost of being more all-in on Crowdfunding for your economy without the copies of Liberated/Stimhack/Dirty Laundry/Mining Accident you could fit into Val. YMMV.

By popular demand the Colorado crew agreed to run our SC under MWL 3.2 one week early, thus sparing us all the thrills of a Mti vs. knives meta.

On the day it went 4-1, beating Hyoubu Institute, Blue Sun, and MirrorMorph, and splitting 1-1 against the same Titan FA. Deck felt great and I wouldn’t immediately change a thing, though Deuces Wild could be whatever one-pip tech card you like the most.

8 May 2019 Murse

This deck is inspired. Made me want to double down on the Paige Piper combo. I have been board with the runner side lately, and this really helps me have fun with that side of the game more. Thanks!