Pied Piper

greyfield 3896

Ever since Worlds, I’ve been thinking to myself, “you know who’s good with Crowdfunding? Paige Piper. Not that that’ll ever do anything.”

Turns out, however, that getting all three Crowdfundings into play as early as turn 2 is a rather solid plan for winning. Go figure!

I’m not a fan of the @Nemamiah special for the simple reason that it’s a MaxX deck that suffers all of MaxX’s weaknesses (most notably sometimes straight up losing the game to Ark Lockdown) without demonstrably being better in MaxX than anywhere else. If your goal is to simply get Crowdfunding ASAP, this deck is as efficient with much less risk.

ID choice is kind of a toss-up. I've gone with Gnat even though his drip is very rarely available, solely for the smaller deck size; when you’re trying to assemble a two-card combo, having five fewer cards in which Crowdfunding can hide is not insignificant. The deck could easily go in Quetzal/Reina/Freedom/Eddie/Null, however, with some mix of Trickster Taka, Liberated Account, Stimhack, and/or Earthrise Hotel. If you’re facing a large quantity of Jinteki players, also putting in a Same Old Thing to rebuy your Labor Rights would be highly recommended.

11 Apr 2019 NetrunningAmok

I can attest to the validity of this deck. It rather convincingly won against my oppressive Outfit deck, which has been otherwise cleaning up the majority of JNet.

Well constructed and well played good sir!

11 Apr 2019 h0bb35

This build looks so lean :) Congrats!

11 Apr 2019 Red Oni

How do you juggle the 5MU requirement of the rig?

12 Apr 2019 greyfield

It depends on the circumstances. Conceivably, you can get by without Black Orchestra and MKUltra altogether through patient ice destruction. They’re there so you can’t get rushed out behind two Enigmas. In that respect often my breaker suite is Laamb + Datasucker + whichever conspiracy better saves money given the ice the opponent is playing. Occasionally you need to trash one to install the other, but careful play keeps that to a bare minimum.