nicohasa 80


I didn't know what to play for Nordics, but thought about trying a Liza deck. Me and the other Norwegians were sharing a room, and the last thing I heard from @presheaf before we went to sleep was "Ok so what about... Aesops Liza!". And last thing I said to him before trying to sleep was "What about no?"

But what about yes?!

Cache is in faction, you don't need those pesky dorm computers once they're empty anyway, you draw a bunch with Liza, and you can still have the citadel power tap engine.

  • Forger was a star. Even though I only had 1 most of the time, people didn't bother contesting the citadel trace, as I could just remove the tag with Forger anyway.
  • Installing clickless with Thunder Art Gallery (Free cache!) was great!
  • Dorm Computer was often worst-case ": Draw 2", and it was GREAT to run through IP blocks etc with my extra counters.

Really dies to Scarcity cause I forgot to add currents (would recommend currents), and your solution to Anansi is to ask your opponent to not rez Anansi (Would recommend mongoose or fairies, maybe?)

It went 2-3 on the day, but it was really fun to play!