Sovereign of Subways winning Fast Advance Fully Operational

Sanjay 2659

This is the current iteration of the Asa deck I've been playing a lot lately. Reasons I like it:

  1. You get to play a fun never advance/shell game type plan what with Jeeves, a bunch of installables, and a bunch of different servers to put stuff in.
  2. You get to gain a lot of credits for a single click which is the greatest joy one can have playing Netrunner, superior even to such joyful acts as playing Kill Switch Sol, importing Brainstorms, and experiencing friendship.
  3. It has three pop-up windows.

I am really mad at Aumakua because this list used to have way more Slot Machines but instead I'm playing some dorky ice that barely even ends the run and gives the runner tags they don't even care about. Every time I rez IP Block I curse the earth that I am not playing Acme instead of whatever poor sad-sack corp I am currently playing.

Cards you should not put in the deck and why:

Anyway, my team, Aubrey Worlds Plaza, won the tournament with this list going 3-2 on the day, beating Apex, 419, and Leela, while losing games to 419 and Leela. I've never won a Netrunner tournament before and it feels amazing.