Legislator to the Stars - 14th at Euros

RoRo 439

Disrespect the meta.

Liza took me to 14th at this year’s Euros, and has been doing me proud at 2019 Store Champs in one form or another.

I can hear you now, the haters and the cowards, ‘Ronan, you only did well due to an unbelievable streak of luck, avoiding the numerous HPT toting Weyland for more favourable matchups’, and I put it to you that I didn’t get to play any of the Corps I teched for so really, it is my green corp opponents that are lucky.

The core of this list is Stargate, a beautiful card that provides pseudo multi-access while allowing you to remove undesirable corp shenanigans – HPT of course, but EOI, QPMs, recursion, rough ice, whatever. Two means you can get it early, supported by an SMC for more generic tutoring.

HPT remains a challenge, but let me tell you, with this list you can bring that match up down from a 99% loss rate to a more reasonable low to mid 80%. You can, and will, beat HPT wielding decks (sometimes). A chance of victory is all you need.

The only other card of note is Apocalypse, a choice made due to the risk of big old Jinja remotes – I’ve had turntable and clone chips in that inf slot and they’re all useful for different reasons. Feel free to play around with that.

Shout out to my fellow mad lads on Liza, all from the great Scottish meta. To the bold Angedelo for taking the heavy burden of Top Scot from my shoulders, and to Nisei for running such a superb event.

Much love, xoxo.

4 Jun 2019 Longi

Hey RoRo, I am your opponent from round 2, we had pretty close and tense games;) Love your build, good job on finding the solution for HPT issue;)

3 Aug 2019 DonLoverGate

Hey RoRo, I'm currently working on my own iteration of the deck, do you have any advice on what you'd swap?


Considering dropping the Apoc and a Deuces for two Mining Accidents but not sure if that's the correct call.