Norcal Regionals 1st Place - NEH

turkishvancat 212

This is the deck that I played at the Norcal Regionals on 04/09/16. It went 2-3 in Swiss, but my Whizzard deck carried me through to top 8, where this deck then went 3-0 and I eventually won.

It's pretty standard Mumba Team Turtlebacks, with just a couple minor tweaks of my own.

The full tournament writeup is in my Whizzard deck post here.

12 Apr 2016 The Broken Meeple

Never really understood how you play this archetype. What if the Runner just trashes everything you put out as you don't have IG's trash cost boosting ability? The ICE limitation means you're only protecting central servers barely and in NBN they won't be as worried about traps etc. 12 Agendas seems like a high density as well - like I said, I may be missing something vital here. I know how PAD's and Turtles are cool, but it's drip economy and you've only so much starting cash?

12 Apr 2016 turkishvancat

Only Whizzard, Apoc, or 3x Imp can really hope to make a dent on the assets as there are just so many and they all have high trash costs, and you're also moving so fast. If they check every server, they won't build any board state and you'll come out ahead and eventually score an Astro, either through FA or rushed behind an ice. If they don't check every server, you might get an Astro out naked or score off of a Sansan. Or, if they try to kill assets but miss the Team Sponsorship, I'll score a BN and reinstall whatever they just trashed, and maybe rez it for free with Mumba.