Wuper Su 2.0

5N00P1 664

Not so much new to say about. I was wrecked by Scarcity and afraid of the Jinja Surveyor Remotes, so I wanted to pack a current and decided for System Seizure. And was going away from Supercorridor and replacing it with Akamatsu Mem Chip and Astrolabe. Took this to a Regional, but the deck felt to inconsistent, but I was maybe unlucky. Play 3 games with it.

  • Game 1 against boreira on Outfit:
    It was a Batty Rigshooter, but he could not get into the game and I was sniping his cards out of his HQ with Film Critic.

  • Game 2 against saan on Argus:
    Was to greedy and was afraid of Atlas but was going to low on credits and was HHN & HPT afterwards.

  • Game 3 against Jan on 6 different Agenda Azmari: He got a bonkers start and I could not find a Stimhack, so he was on 6 points. I tried to lock his remote, but can't count to 6, so didn't realize he could score the SSL in the remote ....

The deck feels a bit to slow for me... don't know... perhaps some more practice?