HB Core Fast Advance

ThisIsAzrael 218

We've been playing a lot of Core Decks in our Northern Irish meta recently both to encourage new players but also as the games have been seriously fun and surprising.

An old school introduction to Fast Advance with SanSan City Grid and Biotic Labour along side the full asset econ from the Core Set. You will require 3x Core Sets if you would like to run all 3 SSCG but you can always pop in an extra Tollbooth for taxation if you're unable to get the 3 grids.

Playing the Deck - A New Players Guide
The goal really is to money up early and lightly ICE your Centrals as you get Adonis, Pad Campaign and Melange Mining Core going. Putting a couple of ICE in front of a Melange that you can later replace with a SanSan City Grid is a great way to get your econ going and look to score some back-to-back agendas.

As soon as you have a remote with a big ICE like Wall of Thorns, Tollbooth or Heimdall 1.0 and a bit of an economy lead, look to get your SanSan down for a Score from hand. You can add in 1 Biotic Labour for 4/2 or 2 Biotic Labour if you want to get really spicy and score a 5/3 from hand. You can also drop a SanSan City Grid down on it's own, which if the runner runs, is daunting to pay 5 credits for.

A core set trick I like to consider is triggering an Accelerated Beta Test with a click to spare to allow for an Archived Memories to save me should I dump an Agenda I really don't want to give away.