Moomins - 2nd at UK Rankings Finals

Nemamiah 3938

This is heavily based on Dave Culemann's list from Brighton store champs last week. Tim Fowler picked up the list, tested it for a week and then tweaked it to make it 'better'. I was going to play CtM but the MaxX decks that are going round are a crushingly bad matchup, so I bailed. I played one practice game at half one in the morning, built the deck at half eight and had committed to playing it, thus sacrificing the last shreds of my dignity and self respect, by nine. Tim stubbornly rejected each and every change that I proposed, so in the end I played his list card for card.

I lost one game to Rich Hammond's Apoc Chaos Theory to bad accesses, but that's absolutely a thing that will happen with this list occasionally. I won a very tight game against Dave Culemann's MaxX in the loser's final, and all the other games were comfortable wins. This list is really strong unless the runner has the right hate, and is especially good against Laguna Hayley. If they have Critic but no Clot you can usually fast advance out, and you should look to score an early Elective in those matchups if you can. Against Clot but no Critic you just lean on Lakshmi, making sure you can recur it with Vitruvius or Team Sponsorship. Against both Critic and Clot you will need to score early, and then probably get the last points in a remote with multiple Tour Guides. If they have Critic, Clot and can trash your entire board then you'll lose. Shake hands and ask your opponent to send their runner deck list to me.

It's probably worth dropping one Marilyn for the third Team Sponsorship (a change I suggested to Tim before the event, for what it's worth. I totally contributed to this list.) It might also be with trying to fit in a Loki to act as Tour Guide #4.

4 Dec 2017 Crauseon

Moomins mentioned! #finlandthings

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Lol ^

5 Dec 2017 Kikai

@Nemamiah- which do you love more, the laughter? Or the living?

5 Dec 2017 Nemamiah

I'm not a fan of either. I prefer efficiency and precision.