Lightly Modified Fun #RIPCrowdfunding (3rd XRD Regionals)

Armored Ascetic 158

Decided to pay respects to Crowdfunding the best way I could manage - going ham (and undefeated!) with Freedom. Beat Argus and Palana in Swiss (plus a bye and ID), beat Palana in cut, but lost two corp games before I could try and smite the evil Gagarin. The Crowdfunding vs taxing glacier matchup is very intense and a lot of fun, and I'll be sad to see it gone.

Decklist is modified from ajar's Fun Guy over the course of several events - at NYC regionals, I played this minus a D4vid and the Router with more copies of breakers. For XRD, I got expertly rused and decided to lean more into the Gagarin fear than was probably necessary, adding back a Router, as well as adding the second D4 based on my expectation of a lot of Jinteki/Weyland decks with big ice.

My Corp deck was groenkaaf's EOI Azmari, which I needed way more reps on before playing - I had a difficult time playing my way out of tough situations, which there were a lot of given the presence of Taps 419 and do-nothing Leela. My one corp win was against Aesop's Hayley, where I was able to keep their econ stressed enough to finish the game before getting overwhelmed.