I Was Saying Boo-urns (1st Standish Regional)

rongydoge 512


This deck went 3-2 and was carried by Board Man going 5-0 (also known here as This Machine Kills Jeffs, after killing a Jeff 4 times during the tournament). It beat Argus twice and EoI Azmari, and lost to the same grindy Obo Scarcity Pālanā once in Swiss and once in the cut. Both Pālanā games came down to a deciding TFP psi game, so if you squint really hard (and know when to bid 2), it went 5-0 and needs to be MWL'ed immediately /s.

It's basically the same deck as No, Sir, they're saying Boo-urns, written by the inimitable paulyg in April of this year.

Expecting some Gagarin, I swapped out a Pad Tap for a Forger and swapped Pol Op back in for Kati. They both cost 1 and you can filter the Forger away in other matchups. There were no other Gagarins in the field, and shouldn't have been any at all. Substory: I had no idea what to corp the night before the tournament and didn't feel comfortable on anything. Stair rused our channel asking someone to lend him a CSR (He was actually on Pālanā), but his ruse broke the ice for me to consider trying Gaga. I played 5 practice games on jnet and sleeved it, so really, this is all his fault.

The only other changes are swapping a second Bukhgalter for Femme, and 2 Bankrolls for 2 Class Acts. You really want to find one early to start filtering to find Beth faster, and you're often rich enough that you can overwrite one with another to get burst draw if you're desperate for a breaker or something else.

Your worst enemies are Scarcity, ETR effects, and corps that know what you're trying to do. The deck somewhat relies on corps icing HQ a lot because you're Leela and leaving R&D lightly defended, so anyone who knows what you're doing can make your gameplan much more difficult.

Your best friends are the power turn, flooding them, and PPE play. When the deck is humming you have one billion credits, are drawing and filtering 2-5 cards per turn, flooding the corp and forcing them to throw away pieces, and setting up to go from 0 to 7 while reducing the corp from 5 to 2. Try to time Fisks and Khusyuks to when your opponent is trying to score in the remote. If you keep squinting, Armitage is basically Opus.

Luckily(?), this deck is MWL 3.3 legal too. Swap out Forger and Pol Op for cards of your choice. I've been playing Biesel and a singleton Bankroll, there are certainly better choices.

Highlights from the tournament include: bouncing the ice in front of a rezzed Daily Quest off a Gang Sign steal and swap then running it twice for 18 credits off Bank Jobs, going from 0 to 7 against Argus, and Fisking people into oblivion. Lowlights include Scarcity, general Gang Sign gameplay, and having to consider swapping an Obo for a scored Nisei to bring my opponent to 5 points.

Thanks to paulyg for the deck, solemnstorm for driving, everyone for coming out, and Crossroad Games for hosting the Regional! Always leave 1 on Bank Job.

14 Jul 2019 Aerosaucer

Great games! Our corps turned out to be each other's only banes the entire tourney (I was the Palana, but I was also 3 out of the 4 Jeffs killed). Congrats on the win!