Richard "Monopoly" Bolton & the Fun Police (2-2 at Chat SC)

NtscapeNavigator 919

Hai Luckies!!

This is my headlock Steve deck that I went 2-2 on stream with this weekend. Ths losses were from forgetting Neurospike was a card, and having a virvuius bluffed out on me, that I convinced myself to not check.

The premise is simple, spam siphon and shut down ice. It works like the old headlock style deck, gaining value from "volume running" with wheel and pennyshaver and Steve's ability.

Illusion is a choice when it comes to Steve, as you usually pick the same 2 cards, or 2 similar cards.

The Black File was tech vs Sports Metal combo as buying 2 extra turns is usually enough -- however I did not see Spombo all day...

I stole Obokata, but at what cost? The Black File!!.

TBF is deffo the flex slot and could probably be caldera to tech vs neurospike combo decks.