CryptoGraham 737

Kill Switch

Listen, I get it. Everyone is tired of me trying to make SYNC work.

But hear me out.

What if you weren't trying to play it exactly like CtM?

What if you were trying to be a little rushier?

If you're not Shaper, then SYNC is kind of a problem. You usually want to make sure you're very much much moneyed up (i.e. several credit lead on the corp) before you want to run. So you might delay your runs for awhile.

So what do we do to punish not running, Master Bruce? Alfred

We use Shipment from Tennin to fast advance out AR-Enhanced Security or Project Beale.

There's no kill here. There's only pressure. They don't run, you score out either some meaty points or some taggy retribution if they want to trash your bits.

Other than that, it's the standard tag-punishment kind of deck + some meatier ETR ice. Because if there's anything I've learned when runners go tag-me, it's that you want to be able to keep them out!

Good luck, and STAY ON TARGET.

16 Aug 2019 rex_monolith

Best defence for Misdirection ??

16 Aug 2019 CryptoGraham

@rex_monolith Normally I'd like to, but as-is there are plenty of tools in the deck. Decks have bad matchups and shaper is likely one of them. But Shipment is there for that reason, so you can just try and jam out as normal, if you can. From that point, you don't necessarily want tags to stick but if you can money up to stick one, you could possibly use EoI, Closed Accounts or whatever else you'd like.

22 Aug 2019 CaKnuckleguy

Help me understand AR-ES when you have only have six total trashable cards. I get the cuteness of the play, but seems like there are better choices to be made here. Either more trashables to make it relevant, or switch to something better suited to your game plan. Like Fly On The Wall or more QPM's or Degree Mill that can by Psycho'd.

22 Aug 2019 CryptoGraham

@CaKnuckleguy There's a lot of Anarch in my meta, so lots of Hippo, ice destruction and Stargate.

22 Aug 2019 CryptoGraham

@CaKnuckleguy If you wanted to swap it around for your meta, since there's 3x Data Raven you could easily just slot QPM instead and maybe Fly on the Wall. Degree Mill isn't a bad idea, but I'd have to do some thinking on how I'd change the deck.