Lat-te Art

Vyper 23


You know what I hate? Paying to pump breakers or break subs. Wouldn't it be much easier if you could just bypass annoying ICE?

This deck looks like the result of some janky fever-dream, and it probably is, but it's genuinely just so much fun to play. Sure it probably dies to asset spam, but what doesn't?


Lat's ability combined with Comet keeps you flooded with cards and gives you enough money to keep churning through your deck.

In the first pass you should aim to install all three Femmes via Test Run followed by Rejig/Scavenge. In the second you can shuffle around icebreakers as needed to target weak spots.


Femme is obviously the all star in this deck. Capable of chewing through low strength sentries naturally and able to bypass trickier defences entirely.

Don't be scared of dropping Femme on an un-rezzed ICE. If the corp trashes it then just Rejig or Scavenge and start again!

Cerberus also benefits from the option Rejig/Scavenge/Compile and takes some of the pressure off of Femme.

Finding Agendas

Top Hat and Insight allow you to hit agendas in R&D with pinpoint accuracy when you can't get frequent accesses. Otherwise, Top Hat plus a couple of Femmes can often allow you to see multiple cards from R&D on successive runs fairly cheaply.

Other Cards

The usual suspects of Daily Casts and Dirty Laundry are noticeably absent. The former because I'm trying to avoid too many resources and the latter because I don't want to be reliant on runs for economy.

Possibly Legwork, Turning Wheel, R&D Interface or other multi-access cards could be useful to make really impactful runs.

21 Aug 2019 dnddmdb

This deck is astounding! Does I guess you can get through barriers, sentries at a high price, plus three other ICE. Just seems crazy to me, but I love it.

Any chance Oracle May is worth including, since you have so many events?

21 Aug 2019 Caedus

If you were to make the deck a bit more competitively teched against asset spam what are some swaps you might try? Paricia seems like one of the least disruptive/most helpful options for this deck's MO...

21 Aug 2019 Vyper

@dnddmdb It can be a bit hit and miss and I'm still tinkering with the final card selection, but I've had some great games and once the deck is running you can get some pretty crazy plays out of it. I hadn't considered Oracle May but may slot one in and see how it goes. Thanks for the tip!

@Caedus: I agree it's definitely Paricia as the card of choice vs asset spam. You could probably cut the Compile and/or the second Beth/Levy to find room. MU might be tight but you probably wouldn't need all the breakers in the same matchup as the Paricias.

22 Aug 2019 Greasythumb

It seems a lot like an Engolo would do a lot of work here. I get that that's reducing the purity of the thing, but at the same time, not having to pay 9 to break Anansi seems like a good idea.

23 Aug 2019 gadwag

I've been having a blast with this on jnet. It's not perfect, but it does actually work, and I love it. The deck has surprisingly good game against even fairly large remotes, and solid R&D pressure

I've swapped out a "Lady" for engolo, which has been clutch for getting into beefy servers and providing aggression while I get all the femmes out. I've also swapped a beth for an oracle may, and she has also been pretty great.

In terms of tweaks, I find that I often run a bit poor and will often click for credits to get a Lat draw (maybe this is a misplay?). I've never once fired levy, either, but I haven't faced a grinder deck yet. With comet out, I really would like to add in some run events - probably some laundry and maybe 1x stimhack. Mobius would be a really fun one to drop after insight as well.

24 Aug 2019 gadwag

Speaking of run events, Escher seems like a perfect include just to tie in with the deck name (and also to stack femme ice in an annoying spot) - maybe swap it for a scavenge?

24 Aug 2019 Vyper

@gadwagThank you for the feedback, and glad you are enjoying it.

I definitely agree that an Engolo and May are good swap-ins. If you are finding you aren't needing the second Levy then that might be a good card to cut for an Escher? I like the idea of it and it would be good to have some HQ pressure. I'd be wary of cutting down the number of Scavenge/Rejig as they feel important to pivoting which server you are attacking.

I wouldn't complain about having a bit more money in the deck, hopefully May will help with that too.