Jackson7 2.0

frontu 313

This deck takes the classic Jackson Howard/Accelerated Diagnostics/Power Shutdown combo to new heights. With only 6 cards in hand and 11 credits, a corp can score 7 points in a single turn. I've tested this deck thoroughly and normally win by my 6th turn.

1: MirrorMorph: Install Jackson Howard, Efficiency Committee or Jackson Howard, and a 3 or 5 cost agenda.

2: Power Shutdown

Use Jackson

3: Accelerated Diagnostics: Install Jackson Howard or Efficiency Committee with Interns, Reclamation Order to bring back Accelerated Diagnostics, Biotic Labor.

Now you have 1 Jackson Installed, 1 Efficiency Committee installed, and one other agenda. You have 2 clicks remaining, 2 Accelerated Diagnostics in hand.

Use Jackson

4: Accelerated Diagnostics. Install Jackson Howard with Interns, then place 4 advancements on Efficiency Committee with 2x Shipment from SanSan.

Score Efficiency Committee

5-7: Use Efficiency Committee

Now you have 1 Jackson Howard installed, 1 other agenda installed, 4 clicks remaining, and 1 accelerated diagnostics in hand.

Use Jackson

8: Accelerated Diagnostics. Install the remaining agenda with Interns, Advance the 5 cost agenda twice with Shipment from SanSan, and recover 3x Shipment from Kaguya with Reclamation Order.

9-11: Shipment from Kaguya

Score both agendas.

10 Jan 2015 #endgame

-1 Biotic + 1 Subliminal will reduce your combo cost by 5 (4 because you're not playing BL and 1 because it gives you a credit.

10 Jan 2015 #endgame

Oh wait, no it won't. Sorry.