Lockdown 7 Love Tentacles

Dunsch 137

After playing against PuMeGo at the Colone Online Store Championship, I wanted to play an Apex deck. It got it's chance this Lockdown. As this is one of the Lockdowns with allowed Apocalyps I blatantly ignored it. I ignored the standard tentacle breaker and searched for cheap and good brakers. I couldn't get around Ica (obviusly) it has tentacles. And the standard picture of Tycoon looks funny so I took it in. I didn't find a codegate braker so I took the worst Sunny braker in.(pleas educate me about a cheap Influenced decoder with tentacles) Throwing Boomerangs around is more fun with more arms so I put it in, and after all playing Apex is a gamble we all know so some Gachapons can fit in as well. The rest is more or less a standard Apex deck with bugs and Heardbeat.

Main flaw of this deck finding the breakers when you need them (dam you lazy Tycoon hiding on the bottom of the deck).

So to the rounds I lost 3 and won 1: R1: I went on shopping and got a new Outfit. My Tycoon was too scared so the Bulwark protected the scoring remote perfecly. R2: HB with Seidr. Tyr is my Archenemy no Ika stoppt me from contesting the scoring remote. I think we see a pattern hear. R3: Playing online I see GameNET incoming. Locked out by to mutch ICE, even my running bot economy wasn't powerful enouth. At least I sucessfully poked the RnD. R4: Mirror Morph fun. Just running agessive with heartbeat out found what i wanted and just chopped my own cards. Love you little bug.

Have fun and always be running.

12 Aug 2020 Zanetti83

you were one of the 4 brave guys who played Apex and a real hero who didn't play apoc :)