ob vegan combo rush

bblum 4558

Back on my bullshit of making the commentators speculate about what my weyland kill package is when I don't have one.

4-2 in swiss. Matchups were uhh I think lat lat lat lat lat and zahya. 2 boats sunk on the day with WUC.

I really want it to be good, but this deck is not quite there yet. The most obvious problem was IPB is not good against lat when they play paperclip that is already good against your envelopment, so that influence should be something else that's good late game. The deck is a bit of a glass cannon, you basically need to rush an oaktown early or you're toast. Late game you should be blowing up boat with WUC (wait for 2 copies) to force them back into gear check mode, pressuring with MCA, and closing with audacity.

The mavirus was a late add (originally had 3 mca) but it is absolutely essential. BC can get it, and it turns into marilyn (or owl! won a game with that once), and overloads their clot/simulchips (this also synergizes with WUC, which can knock breakers out of their hand (basically, WUC is good)). BC can of course also turn into a sentry or code gate, so it's a great rush tool (or a sandstone if you want to beat turtle, but lat doesn't play turtle, so that was a correct meta call). A second Extract could be good too; I thought it was bad but I was always happy to see the first copy (don't play svyatagor imo; you don't need the effect repeatedly). Also, it needs another 1-cost; I simply forgot to put one back in when I cut the 3rd MCA.

Help me make this deck good in time for worlds plz.

29 Aug 2022 aunthemod

Owl is some hype tech!

29 Aug 2022 Saan

Yo, good to see you back out there =)

30 Aug 2022 CritHitd20

This looks good but have you tried adding a Punitive and MAD Boom combo package? I feel like that would really improve the deck.

30 Aug 2022 bblum

Great Idea Thanks :))

2 Sep 2022 moistloaf

bb still plays netrunner? nice

3 Sep 2022 bblum

ill always be back for decision dense green identities

10 Sep 2022 gilesdavis

Launch Campaign is a decent 1c option in Ob.