Studies (3-4 World, 131th of 294)

Diogene 4021

The hope here was to speed up a Shaper deck. To do this, you need as much clickless income as possible.

Comments on the matches at World at the end.

This is where Data Dealer and Aesop's Pawnshop come in.

Data Dealer is the less reliable of the two, but bring in the most. If you have the three Fan Site "scored", that is 27 creds! Even better if the corp use negative agendas (Meridian, Shi.Kyu, Hangeki, News Team). They become extra income. Also, any point agenda can become income to score that 3 points agenda, it is a good exchange. Sometime, it is better to cash in an agenda, allowing you to score another and denying the win to the corp. Because there is a time limit for the corp (no more agenda or no more cards), but not for the runner.

Aesop is the usual, trash Harbinger to get 3 credits per turn, like an extra 3x Rezeki. Bring the Harbinger back with Harmony AR Therapy.

Multiaccess comes with The Gauntlet and R&D Interface. Allowing you to make multiple runs where it makes the most senses.

To speed things up further, Stimhack will allow you to push the strenght of Study Guide for nearly free or tutor a breaker (or even Rezeki). 3x Ika is to use it often or have easy fodder for Aesop.

Beth, Pro.Co, Sure G. and Rezeki are the normal suite of income. Armitage is there to click for creds more efficiently and Diesel speeds up the draw when needed.

For breaker, Study Guide is super efficient, once you've pushed the strength. But beware of SDS Drone Deployment, because after spending 13 creds to get Study Guide with 5 str, getting it trash hurts a lot! Ika and Paperclip are also super efficient breakers, so you should be pretty good at breaking in servers.

Getting Aesop or Pro.Co on the board as quick as possible is important here. So, if you do not have Pro.Co or Aesop in your hand, you should mulligan.

Funny part, nowaday (Fall 2020), corp expect Apocalypse when they see Harbinger. They tend to ice up Archive, giving you some space.

Matches at World.

  1. Win (20 turns) versus Cryptograham with AgInfusion. I ran like a maniac, with 21 runs and 32 cards accessed. Also, I was able to get an amazing econ, with 151 creds gained (4 by clicks for creds). Harmony AR Therapy was invaluable, allowing me to draw 48 cards in the game, recurring Harbinger and Armitage Codebusting. Also, Ika made being thrown back on Anansi pretty cheap (4 creds to break).

  2. Loss (16 turns) vs Chouxflower with AgInfusion. Seidr Adaptive Barrier is amazing with AgInfusion, which tend to use a glacier like structure, giving is plenty of strenght. But the combination of AgInfusion, Border Control and Nisei MK II kept me from scoring.

  3. Loss (10 turns) vs neuropantser with Palana. I could not get off the ground and was able to access "only" 11 cards in the 5 runs I made.

  4. Win (23 turns) vs plural with Sportsmetal. The game was streamed on . I've never dug that much in R&D. Agendas were in at the bottom of the deck, which kept the game going for a long time. The stats of the game are amazing : 203 creds (0 by click), 51 (!!!) cards accessed in 21 runs. Study Guide is clearly MVP here, allowing me to pass Code Gate for cheap. At the end, R&D had 7 ices on it, and it was still fairly cheap to pass.

  5. Win (15 turns) vs babyweyland with Asa. This was a punitive Asa. But my econ was strong enough to allow me to withstand it. By the end of the game, I had made 139 credits compared to 54 for babyweyland.

  6. Loss (12 turns) vs Lucidit with Argus. Lucidit was able to score very fast. And using an Audacity to score Project Atlas from hand was expected. Also, I got an Hard-Hitting News before I could draw a SMC or Misdirection. The tempo hit on clicks and econ was fatal.

  7. Loss (10 turns) vs CephalopodWizard with Outfit. Well played. Getting that Hostile Takeover from the token on Atlas, to close the game, was a classic.

Shout out to all the players. They all took the time to chat with me while playing, thus making the game much more enjoyable. Also, I did not see mistakes from the players, showing me the quality of those players. Thank to all of you and thanks to the organizer for this long tournament.