SPORTS! (Undefeated at Crown of Lasers)

ayyyliens 503

This deck is quite known by now. Currently the best push your luck deck in the game!

Megaprix Qualifier improved the Leela matchup

Added some more mother goddesses to buy some more time

I had to sports against: Hayley, Leela, Lat, Exile and Alice

7 Oct 2019 M0H4WK

Always be sportsing! Nice deck and congrats with it. It turns out, the pilot is important. Also


7 Oct 2019 EnderA

This was quite fun to play against! I was the Hayley. I assumed once I saw Mother Goddess that you were on Loki, so you blew me out with an Architect fire. You finally SPORTS'd through Clot!

7 Oct 2019 ayyyliens

@M0H4WKOne day you will sports as hard as I did!

@EnderALoki kind of doesn't work unless you also have a Mother Goddess rezzed. Also I dont really mind if you access the cards I installed anyway. Mogo on it's own buys you time and even with other ICE rezzed it is still a 4 str ETR. Rather have a painful facecheck like that Architect ;) I knew when I rezzed that architect I would be able to combo out the next turn. Remember to sports responsibly!

7 Oct 2019 Swiftie

I would like to contest the claim that this is the best Push Your Luck deck in the game...