Vanilla MaXx (1st - Canberra Store Champs)

firesa 670

Maxx deck for people who don't have friends to Crowdfund their ideas. Or for people who don't like Stabby Maxx. Like me.

Deck was good and took me to first after swiss rounds (9 players), 3-1 in Swiss with a loss to Palana but two solid wins v currently popular Outfit and Titan FA decks, and then 1-0 in the cut against another scary and currently popular Outfit deck.

Nothing to say about this deck that hasn't already been said. Good matchups across the board (though MTI is pretty skill-intensive, but your suckers are huge in that matchup). Make money, play cards, get your breakers out, rebirth into Omar, and just have fun. Makers and Legwork are flexible and could be a second cc if you want, but those cards let you win games v all types of corp decks.