Bad Ideas Kate - 7/12/15 version

saetzero 2576

"Why call this Bad Ideas Kate?" Because it is a pile of bad ideas that somehow work reasonably well.

Chameleon LLDS Frame. This is a deck to work around these cards. If you wanna cut either of these, this is not your deck.

You draw fast enough, and you don't need all 3 LLDS for a while.... so I think Replicator is a waste. Welcome to try it though.

I could not figure the last cut. Running at 46 until I do. Hyperdriver is probably the easiest, or a Street Peddler.

Aesops/Cache engine. Clone chip for Cache is fine. Spend a turn you don't run loading the Chameleons on the PW so you aren't click starved. Burn thru the deck and get set up quick, then Levy and you are ready to work. You will Levy, so don't be afraid to Aesops things you think you might need. Have Chameleons on the PW before you Levy so you don't lose them in the shuffle.

Once the deck is online, your runs are super cheap and your economy is reasonable. Just need to not lose before you get there. Thankfully this deck can do bursts of aggression too.

Potential cuts. Hyperdriver. I really like this for setting up faster, and after the Levy you don't need the draw anymore, so the exile effect is nice actually.

Lady. Deck works without it... but Blue sun stacking hard high strength ice is a worry, as is Fire Wall with advancements. Warparound being a David forced ice isnt fun either.

Things that could work.

Parasite and/or Datasucker. Seem good, but have fun getting the influence open. You make your mind on that.

ProCo or Visage. Seem great to keep the economy up, but hard to fit in. I wanna get a 1x Visage in at some point, but that's all up to you.


12 Jul 2015 sruman

The personal workshops do not seem that important, perhaps cutting them for symmetric or armitage codebusting (synergies with aesop's) ?

13 Jul 2015 saetzero

PW is important, to unload the Chameleons onto so you arent forced into a turn where you have no clicks to spare. Almost required for the RP matchup to do this. Take a dead turn, turn all the Chameleons on the PW. Then you can credit them off, clickless.

19 Jul 2015 akalic

This deck looks like a pile of garbage on paper, but when piloted by a person with questionable morals, it becomes a scary money machine that can't be kept out without Caprice or Batty. I believe in the chameleon.

29 Jul 2015 Clamatius

As promised, I played my first couple of test games against glacier HB and won both, which is promising. Very odd deck really. Agree that PW is important, it also lets you install Chameleon mid-run so you know what type to pick. I'll be curious to see how the NBN matchups work out. The deck seems to take a little bit to get going.

31 Jul 2015 x3r0h0ur

So in just our 1 game against each other, this is where I came up after thinking about it, granted, I cut clot, to be 'that guy' bluffing it, it can pretty easily be re-added.

Kate "Mac" McCaffrey Digital Tinker

15 influence spent (max 15) •••••••••••••••

46 cards (min 45)

Cards up to The Underway

Event Event (10)

3x Diesel

1x Escher

1x Levy AR Lab Access

3x Sure Gamble

2x The Maker's Eye

Hardware Hardware (8)

1x Astrolabe

3x Clone Chip

3x LLDS Processor

1x Net-Ready Eyes

Resource Resource (12)

3x Aesop's Pawnshop

3x Daily Casts

2x Personal Workshop

3x Street Peddler •••

1x Symmetrical Visage

Icebreaker Icebreaker (6)

1x Atman

1x Cerberus "Lady" H1

3x Chameleon

1x Inti

Program Program (10)

3x Cache •••

1x D4v1d ••••

2x Scheherazade ••

3x Self-modifying Code

1x Sneakdoor Beta •••

SDB is your sudden archives pressure, great for that early-mid game and then pitched, since your MU isn't kept full anyway, might better as an imp or with scavenge to 'get value' out of it turning it into a lady.

Inti for fast wraparound answers that don't cost a lot.

Escher, pretty universally good, especially when you can hit HQ for cheap after pounding remotes and RnD, and then align all the 3, 4 or even sometimes 5 str ice on the remote, to work with chameleons. Could be a bit weak, but having some good HQ pressure seems needed.

Visage because it feels draw heavy, and its really good.

2x hera because I feel like its crucial to the econ, and I'd hate to SMC for it.

I felt like having 3 central pressure was important, better than imp in fact. Testing will probably prove otherwise though, but for now, SDB is my jam for trying this out. Once that doesn't work, probably 3 hera (since programs are transient, aesop'sing extra hera becomes a thing), and 1 clot, and finding the cuts from there.

I'll give it some casual testing, to get my head around it.

31 Jul 2015 saetzero

Lemme know how it rolls out. looks interesting, though i should mention that archives does get blindly iced pretty often because people assume i run sucker with the chameleon. i think this might be a lil slower to roll out, but with different strengths

so yea. lemme know. :3

31 Jul 2015 x3r0h0ur

Might take till Sunday or Monday to do testing, busy weekend. I'd guess my changes will probably end up bad because I don't grasp the core play style yet, but the upsides look good. Its odd people ice archives proactivley though....

10 Sep 2015 Clamatius

I've been playing this on and off for quite a while now and it's surprisingly solid. My current version went -1 Hyperdriver +1 Film Critic, and FC has won me quite a few games. I'm considering dropping the other Hyperdriver for another FC.

12 Sep 2015 Broye

Against Cybernetics Division, the coming back of Chameleons AFTER the discard phase really helped me last game (ended at 1 hand size)