Damage Control -5th and 4-1 At Polish Nats

Saan 3068

If you're thinking "This is like 1-2 cards off that Worlds deck from @Cliquil" then you're 100% correct. I thought I'd write something up for ABR publishing purposes. I changed the name since it felt weird naming the deck after his girlfriend =P

Originally, after World's, I was looking for cool decks, and was instantly in love with Wet Toastie's deck, and thought "This could easily be brought into Weyland, using Armed Intimidation as a kill condition," and set out to create a deck. I had something more or less workable that I was trying out in Gagarin and in Argus, seeing which might be the better fit, when the next day @Cliquil posted his Jemison list that got 24th at Worlds, which I had been itching to see anyhow. Lo and behold, it was incredibly close to what I was trying to do, but in Jemison. Jemison, I realized, makes a ton of sense, since you can rez things like Oberth to get free advancements for instant murder.

The main changes I made were to take out Stadoff #3 and a Malia, and add in a Neural (since his deck had 1 floating influence) and a Consulting Visit. Neural can be used to make the 5 meat damage choice on Armed Intimidation lethal even with a 5 card hand. In my testing with my version of this, I found Consulting Visit very good at getting Mushin when one just can't be drawn, as well as fetch Neural and the occasional BOOM!

The only game I lost was to Obol when his Smoke deck played a Guru Davinder on the field. I couldn't find any way to play a Mushin for a Junebug, otherwise I think I still could have won this, but when he dropped the Guru he just started going from left to right checking all my remotes. My rightmost remote was Malia, and if I had been able to get out a Junebug, I could have rezzed it to blank Guru and murdered him regardless, but it wasn't meant to be. Finally my remotes were Psychic Field, Reconstruction Contract, and Malia. He had 2 clicks left and checked the Psychic Field, and I realized my only out was to try and score, so I needed the RecoCo to score an Armed Intimidation from hand next turn, so I rezzed Malia to make him eat the net damage, forcing him to draw (he had seen the Neural in my hand). After this it was a slow defeat, as I couldn't do much to win.

21 Oct 2019 Cliquil

Well obviously I like this deck. It was great chatting with you over in the other lists comment section and congrats on your high placing.

I still wonder about the Neural because it makes sense but somehow I've never really felt it right.

Bad luck on the Guru Davinder - that's definitely a tough one and a shame that the Malia tech didn't manage to pay off!

21 Oct 2019 Saan

Yeah, I'm back and forth on the Neural as well, honestly. It was good in my 24/7 Armed Intimidation Jemison deck (before they banned 24/7), but doesn't really feel as at home here. Maybe it is indeed just better as another Malia, since it would have been very useful vs Odol.

22 Oct 2019 Cliquil

Ah yes 24/7 made a big difference; I refused to play it because I just thought the card was too powerful to be allowed to live.

My main reason for posting is I remembered an alternate card that used to go in the deck and is a consideration if you haven't got influence for Malia; Corporate Town. It can go in the Quarantine System slot or a Malia slot and can have value in other matchups as well. It can be in danger of someone installing their defence and then running into lots of things, but it can do the job when you have the tempo behind you. It can also create a "must trash" for a runner whilst messing with their build up.